our story

it all started on a saturday afternoon in september. i was sitting on my couch with my puppy Moose browsing the internet for a gift for my friend's new baby.

i wasn't surprised to see that most of the items on her registry were organic (she's a health nut like me!)


i was shocked, however, to discover how much more expensive organic baby clothes were compared to standard fabrics (i'm talking 5x the price).

having a fairly strong knowledge of organic fabrics from my own research over the years (read more about that here), it upset me to think that only a small percentage of the population could afford to go organic.  

i knew that it was more expensive to produce clothes with organic fabric (and it is), but i had a hard time understanding a 5-10x markup from conventional fabrics.

i set out with a goal to fully understand the market and see if there was a way to create organic baby clothes that were more attainable for more people.

i'm not going to sugarcoat it - it's a tough market. there's a reason why organic items (especially clothes) are more expensive. not only does the material cost more, but there's less supply, an increasingly high demand (for those that can afford it) and higher production costs and certification requirements that only add to the bottom line.


it took thousands of conversations with hundreds of suppliers to finally get the perfect product at a price that i could work with.

and that's when minimoose started to become a reality. we placed our first order with a GOTS-certified organic cotton farm, designed our labels, created our site, and registered as an official business (woohoo!)

our prices are ever-changing. we do everything we can to make our products as affordable as possible while also ensuring quality and making this business work for us and our employees. as we scale, our prices go down (not up) and we'll never forget our original mission: to create attainable organics for baby.